2 Catherine Zeta-Jone and disease Michael Douglas

"Catherine Zeta-Jones" British actress has expressed dissatisfaction with the doctors diagnosed early because of injury to her husband, Hollywood star "Michael Douglas" throat cancer.
The "Jones" in an interview with the "daily mail", said: "I am very angry that the doctors did not discover it early."
The "Douglas" was revealed in media statements that the cancer that struck his throat, reached a late stage more than expected, but pointed at the same time to the doctors assured the existence of good opportunities to overcome the disease.
According to Jones (45 years) that her husband had undergone in the past for all medical examinations possible, but not found anything in the first place.
She noted that the discovery of injury "was not a big shock" for her or for the "Douglas" and said: "I feel that there is something, as well as he really is!


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    catherine do you wana marry me?
    i mean after him..

  2. I called and said go to hell LoL



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