0 paranormal activity 2 achieves the highest revenue in North America

Achieved the second part of the horror film Paranormal Activity 2 the highest revenues at the box office in North America this week, reaching 41.5 million in just three days of display.

The story revolves around the family to suffer from the presence of unusual activity in the home and the family believes it is exposed to a series of incursions regulator which paid to put surveillance cameras throughout the house, but events proved them otherwise.

The heroes of the film to understand Katie Featherstone and Micah Sloat and directed by Todd Williams.

The payment made film Paranormal Activity 2 of the list of U.S. box office in part III of the movie Jackass 3D, which issued revenue last week to second place this week as it has since the start of his 87.1 million.

The film revolves around a group of bullies led by Johnny Knoxville that synthesis which has severe physical harm through the performance of different business very exciting.

The film, directed by Jeff Tremayne and starring Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville and Preston Lacy.

The third film in the Red as a total achieved since the start of his 43.5 million.

The film deals with a former client's life in danger at the hands of a killer uses sophisticated technology, pushing the client to reassemble his old team in a final attempt to stay alive.


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